This page was last updated: March 5, 2017
I just finished up the "Rooster" project, and I already can't wait to get started on this next one.
There are a couple of photographers that I have really become a big fan of,  Bryan Huskey is one of them. I love the different angles, and the all around "feel" that he captures
with his awesome photography. I really like this shot of a Rainbow Trout, especially the dorsal fin and the  awesome reflections. Looking forward to getting started on it.

I got it all drawn out, now to start adding some of those killer colors in this shot!

I am going to fire my web designer, accountant, PR guy, chauffeur, landscaper, baseball coach, na, I like that duty, and that guy with the day time job so that I can draw again!
It has been way too long since I have had a chance to work on this killer shot..
I hope to log some time on it this week...
C o l o r e d  P e n c i l   A r t w o r k  a n d  F i n e  A r t  P r i n t s  b y  T r a v i s  J . S y l v e s t e r
Some of my most basic colors were sharpened down to under two inches, so I needed to head to the store to pick up a few new ones.
After hitting four different art supply stores, I got the only black and white pencils left in the entire state! Word must be out in Utah that Prismacolor pencils are kind of good.
Getting a litttle more done finally...
It is starting to come together a little bit.
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I was able to put a good solid four hours in this morning. It is at the point that I am starting to really like it.
I am looking forward to the challenging part of the scales, both in and out of focus.
Sometimes it helps to pin it and take a step back to get an different perspective and angle.
Totally digging this one, can't wait to introduce some of the reds into it and get the rest of background in, that fin should really pop.

Most of the grass is done,  still working on the scales and the reflections on them, they are messing with me... Almost ready to add a little red.

It is obvious around my house when I am closing in on a project, not one other thing gets done!
I may wrap it up by tomorrow...

Just about wrapping it up, wanted to get a decent shot with the last sunlight tonight.
I am fishing next weekend!

Finished piece, 24" X 20"

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