This page was last updated: August 3, 2020
C o l o r e d  P e n c i l   A r t w o r k  a n d  F i n e  A r t  P r i n t s  b y  T r a v i s  J . S y l v e s t e r
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For months, I have been enjoying watching videos and seeing photos of incredible Brown and Rainbow Trout feeding in Utah's Green River.
These photos and videos have been taken by Ryan Kelly with Green River Fly Fisher, and are in my opinion, some of the best out there.
I came across this particular photo, and it jumped right off of my screen and into my head. I received the permission to wok from this photo, and could not wait to
get started on it.

I typically am not patient enough to draw the whole thing out before adding color, but I am working on my patience...

Work, Covid, and numerous other things seem to be consuming all of my time lately, but I managed to get a pretty good start on this rising Brown over the weekend.

I knew this was going to be fun and challenging. I absolutely love how water manipulates shapes and colors from its surroundings, and what better surroundings
than a big ol Brown Trout?

It has been a bit since I had a chance to work on this, strange days for sure. I am glad to have this to work on and get lost for a few hours a day...

2020 has been, well, you all know.. I managed to spend some serious time on this since late June, it is starting to come together..

It was a three day weekend here in Salt Lake, I believe I spent 30 hours on this over the three days, starting to really like where it is headed.

I always seem to have a had time "closing out" a drawing, I think part of me doesn't want it to end. This particular piece has some fairly "dramatic" time put into it,
the last few months have been particular trying on multiple levels, it has certainly been a welcome and needed escape from some of it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.