Going to mix it up a little on this one. I have been wanting to try another portrait lately, and I came across this photo on Facebook. It is the daughter of a buddy of mine,
he took her out for a ride on the famous Heber Creeper over this last summer and snapped this awesome photo.
I really liked the rusty old train, the reflections of the Wasatch Mountains in the windows, but I really liked the expression on her face.
Hopefully I can pull it off.

This page was last updated: March 5, 2017
It has been a long time since I tried my hand at a person, but just like the trout, I always start with the eyes for some reason...
It was a gorgeous day, I really should have went outside more than once, but I was intrigued with this drawing. There is still a ton of shading and work to do, but I think
that I caught the look and expression I wanted. I just need to work on the tones.
Tomorrow, I will fish.
I got a little more work done, busses are prety easy so far, no spots, fins or gills...
Drawing a small girl in a hot rusty old train is a lot like drawing trout.
That was fun.
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