This page was last updated: December 21, 2020
C o l o r e d  P e n c i l   A r t w o r k  a n d  F i n e  A r t  P r i n t s  b y  T r a v i s  J . S y l v e s t e r
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I had a customer request some atwok on the lines of  "Whiplash" and "Apine Obession". I went through about 10 years of my personal photos in search of something
like that description, I found a photo that I had tkaen a few years ago of a running Rainbow Trout, thought this would be a good photo to wok from.
I got a good start on it, had it all drawn in, but when I started ading color, I wasn't happy with it so I scrubbed it and started over..

I have started over, taking it slower this time, getting detail in on a smaller piece is new to me. I am liking the fish at this point, not sure abou tthe water yet...

A little more progress, I am nervous abou thte water. I started with a moss green undercoat, but it is not the look that I want, hopefully I will figure it out..

Ok, I think I have the water dialed in right, kind of a weird combination of moss green, dark reen and peacock green to get the look that I am going for.

I was able to spend a good potion of the day on this, happy with the trout, now working on the dorsal wave.

This last part was more complex than I had anticipated, there is a lot going on with regards to background, foreground, and the displacement of the water.